EnCase™ eDiscovery

Collecting data from hundreds of custodians across dozens of ECM systems is no simple task. Reviewing that data is even harder. Offering the two most powerful eDiscovery tools and unified Professional Services team, OpenText™ helps simplify the process.

The award-winning OpenText™ Discovery suite streamlines the entire, end-to-end eDiscovery process with industry-leading collections, processing, analytics and machine learning. Leverage OpenText™ EnCase™, the gold standard for forensic collections used by law enforcement, government and enterprises around the world, to defensibly collect data from across the enterprise.

A true end-to-end eDiscovery solution

OpenText™ Discovery brings together all the key pieces of a successful eDiscovery solution and streamlines support through a single, reliable provider. With EnCase™, eDiscovery managers can reliably and defensibly collect data from across the enterprise. The EnCase™ collections agent is deployed on more than 38 million endpoints, making it the most widely used collections agent in the world.

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